Découvrir Toul

Motorhome overnight parking
Chemin du Cimetière
00 33 (0)3 83 63 76 33

Motorhome overnight parking

The motorhome parking is situated at the town entrance and close to the town center.

It has 9 parking spaces and a restricted maximum parking period of 72 hours, so as to allow a maximum number of motorhomes to use the facilities.

The site is installed in a quiet, landscaped area offers all necessary conveniences :

• Access to fresh water and electricity
• A waste disposal unit
• Pick-nick tables
• Benches
• Rubbish bins
• Public street lights

The fee is 7 € for 24 hours

A footpath allows you to walk in a few minutes to the town center, the shops and to visit the ramparts.

Come to Toul and enjoy visiting the local heritage !