Découvrir Toul

Harbormaster :
Tel : 06 65 09 22 04
Email : portdefrance@mairie-toul.fr

Opening hours :
From Mai 1st to October 30th : from 9 - 12 AM and 4.30 - 7.30 PM
From November 1st to April 30th :
From 9 - 12 AM and from 2 - 5 PM
Saturdays and Sundays : 9 - 10 AM and 4 - 5 PM

The yacht harbor “Port de France”

Toul has a pleasant yacht harbor with the “Blue Flag” label, and can moor 60 yachts.

The harbor is situated on the Marne Rhine canal, close to the avenues Victor Hugo, the train station and the ramparts.

On a major regional, national and European crossing of waterways, the harbor is an ideal place to navigate in eastern France, to visit Strasbourg, Reims, Verdun or Luxembourg.
Other roundtrips make it possible to navigate to Metz, Bar-le-Duc,Verdun and Epinal.
Toul is 30 km away from Nancy at only 6 hours navigation….

A privileged natural setting

The port is established in the ramparts designed by Vauban and is part of the green belt around the town and its surrounding waterways.

The yacht harbor is one of the highlights of the city and perfectly integrated into the tourist routes with its cycle and footpaths, visits of the monuments and its religious heritage and the walks through the green belt around the town.

Walking time indicator :
To the :
-  Town center : 10 min.
-  Train station : 3 min.
-  City Hall : 14 min.
-  Maison du tourisme : 14 min.
-  Walking trail “Vauban” : 1 min.
-  Entrance Gate « Porte de France » : 5 min.

The Port de France is a place for leisure and holidays and has a cultural life as well through the numerous cultural activities that take place in the summer season : open air music and dance evenings, a meal with the inhabitants and the occasional open air cinema session.

Workshops about environmental protection are regularly organized here.

The harbor is ideally situated for travelling by boat or by bike along the river Moselle and its bicycle paths. Its meanders offer in total 70 km along the waterways, to discover the wildlife of the river in its natural green setting.

Services for yachtsmen :

-  Showers and toilets
-  Washing machine/Tumble-dryer
-  Public toilets
-  Water and electricity
-  Blackwater pump

Shops and services (less than 2 min. by foot)
-  Pharmacy
-  Medical cluster
-  4 restaurants
-  Local wine grower
-  Café, tobacconist’s shop and newsagent
-  2 Bakeries
-  Train station
-  Hairdresser

Straight away after mooring, the yachtsmen have to inform the harbor captain of their arrival. He can be phoned 7/7 and he will give an access code for the use of conveniences after the payment of the mooring.
Part of the facilities, one toilet and 2 showers (1 € per shower) are especially reserved for yachtsmen