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The Labels

The Blue Flag

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On the 30th of April 2013, the yacht harbour “Port de France” joined the 91 other French marinas that fly the “Blue Flag” (Pavillon Bleu). This flag is much appreciated by yachtsmen that look for a quality welcome during their visit.
The French Foundation for Environmental Education is established in France since 1985, and every year the “Blue Flag” distinction highlights the city councils and yacht harbours of 48 countries that pursue a tourist policy protecting the environment. The labeled yacht harbours have taken steps to protect the environment and the quality of the water is a priority. Yachtsmen are able to careen their boat without depositing waste in nature. They have access to a system recuperating waste water from the boats and special places where different types of waste are collected. The visitors are made aware of environmental actions and the precariousness of the aquatic environment through actions and exhibitions.

In Toul, the Port de France benefits of a total overhaul :
With the choice of natural materials, revegetation of the surroundings and linking with walking and cycling paths. The port becomes a “blue lung” connected with the town and its historical heritage close by. The tourists appreciate it and French and foreign boats make a stopover, for some days or several months. Regularly exhibitions are proposed together with Voies Navigables de France about fauna and flora, waste water treatment and environmental issues.


Label Flowery City – 3 flowers

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The contest of flowery towns and villages is established in 1959 and organized in France to promote the creation of green areas in the towns. The awards go from 1 to 4 Flowers. The signs from 1 to 3 Flowers are awarded by the Regional Tourism Committee ; the 4th Flower and the Trophy “Fleur d’Or” are awarded by the National Council of Flowering France. The evaluation criteria are strict and every town or village is regularly visited by the Committee. The specifications include :

▪ The motivation of a community to obtain the label
▪ The approach to develop green and flowery areas throughout the whole city
▪ Actions of the city council that permit to raise the number of visitors and that improve communication of these actions towards all the citizens
▪ The presentation of the green and flowery actions
▪ The means to manage the maintenance of the heritage with respect for biodiversity and natural resources (water)
▪ All other actions that embellish the town : maintenance of the public roads, the facades, street furniture and the general tidiness in town.
▪ The harmony of landscaping and its management by the city council

Toul has been labeled 3 Flowers for many years and aims to get a 4th Flower !
One target ? Making Toul a clean, green and flower- bedecked town where it is good living.

The green spaces in Toul represent :

▪ 68 hectares of green areas
▪ a global surface of 20 ha of council owned buildings with gardens
▪ 127 ha of forest in collaboration with ONF
▪ 3.6 km of Vauban ramparts that represents 9.2 ha with slopes of 45°
▪ 120 different intervention points
▪ 5.000 trees in rows and in parks
▪ 200 benches and 100 waste paper baskets of street furniture
▪ 9.000 m2 of family and vegetable gardens